Play “Go and Search”

Play “Go and Search”:
Choose 10 different flashcards and print two sets of each of them in a half A4 format (or make photocopies of them). Divide your class in two groups and put the children in two lines, standing up. You’ll need some space (not too big, though) since it’s a race game. Place each set on the floor, one next to the other but still separate and both opposite to the students (at least 5 metres). The teacher stands in the middle of the two lines of students and at the count of 3 she starts saying the word corresponding to each of the flashcards. The first student in each line must run and search for the called flashcard and bring it to the teacher as fast as he can. The first student to hand out the flashcard to the teacher gets a point for his group. When all the flashcards have been brought to the teacher, points are added and the winning group is the one with more points accumulated.
Set some “running rules” so that students don’t hurt themselves when playing.
You can place the flashcards facing up or down if you want to make the game slower.

a. If you are playing the game more than once, the second time ask the student to tell you the word before handing you out the flashcard.
b. Have one set of flashcards and one set of words; this means one group will be searching for pictures and the other group will be searching for words. The first one to hand it out gets the point in any case. Second time you play, alternate the groups so that they are all acquainted with both pictures and words.
c. Depending on the level of the students, instead of calling the words of the flashcards, spell them. Students have to figure out first what word they will be searching for.