Play Memory

Choose 10 different pictures and print two sets in your desirable format (or make photocopies of them). Have your students sit together in a circle. Place all pictures face down. Students, one by one, should turn two pictures upwards. If the pictures are the same, they can keep them for themselves; otherwise, the child puts them back face down. The student who accumulates more pair of pictures is the winner.

a. Print a set of coloured pictures and a set of black and white pictures. When the game is over, if the children are young, have them colour the white and black pictures.
b. Print one set of the pictures and write the word of each of them on a separate sheet of paper. Students should then match pictures with words.
c. Have students create their own memory game so that they can take the pictures home and play with their families. Print eight black and white pictures on one paper and make two copies for each of them. They can colour the pictures, place cardboard on their back, prepare a colour set and a black and white set or just leave them the way they are. Each students should cut the sixteen pictures (eight pairs) and play once in the class before taking them home.