Discover the pictures

Choose and print 10 different flashcards connected to the vocabulary group you are teaching. Print each flashcard in an A4 format. Glue each flashcard to a piece of cardboard so that the whole page remains harder. Cut each flashcard into 10/15 pieces each so as to make a puzzle. Divide your class in 10 groups maximum (should it be a large class). Once you have the groups ready, give each group a puzzle to discover what the picture is. The first group to discover the picture gets a point. If you have ten groups then you can alternate puzzles with groups and play the game 3 or 4 times maximum. If you have fewer groups then you can use the remaining flashcards for new words.

a. You can have more puzzles and set a maximum of time, let’s say 15 minutes. Every time the group discovers a picture you just add a point to the group chart and give another puzzle to them to discover again. The more pictures they discover within that limit of time, the more points they get.
b. If all the groups have discovered all the pictures you can put everybody in a circle at the end, and show one “clear” part of each puzzle. Children should raise their hands to say what the word was, if they happen to remember; they will!
c. Print 10 new black and white flashcards (or less if you have fewer groups) and have the children, in groups, prepare their own puzzle. Paste the flashcard on cardboard, color it and cut it. Once the puzzle is finished they could give it to another group to discover what the picture is.