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Flashcard on Demand is the solution you need if you are looking for a specific design you can't find in our store.
Just follow these easy steps to have your own tailored flashcard:

1) Complete the product form in the right column and give us a detailed and clear description of the flashcard you need. You can ask for just a single element: object, person or place (e.g: a green dinosaur) or you can describe just a scene or background you may need (a boy buying candies in a store)
2) Specify if you want a black and white outline ($3) or a fully coloured drawing ($6).
3) Click on "Add" to the cart button.

Langraph has the right to reject to do the flashcard for different reasons and in that case your credit card won't be charged.

Flashcards on Demand are non exclusive drawings. That means that Langraph owns the copyright of the material.

Langraph can also decide to include that flashcards in the store for sale without asking for any permission and can also sell it at a different price from the one a customer has paid for that single flashcard before.

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