Starters Exam Pack

Starters Exam Pack

Pdf topic pack containing the following full color flashcards + its black and white version:
afternoon, apple, american football player, arm, armchair, baby, badminton player, baseball player, basketball player, banana, bathroom, bed, beans, bedroom, behind, between, bike, bird, birthday, black, boat, box, boy-girl, bookcase, bread, brown, building, cat, car, carrot, chicken, cake, chair, check, chips, classroom, clock, close, coconut, colors, correct, cow, crocodile, cupboard, day, dining-room, dog, door, dress, drink, duck, draw, ear, elephant, evening, eye, face, family, father-mother, favourite, fish, floor, fly, foot, french fries, friends, fruits, frog, giraffe, glasses, goat, grandmother-grandfather, grapes, green, hall, hamburger, hand, handbag, hat, helicopter, here-there, hippo, hockey player, horse, house, icecream, in, in front, jacket, jeans, kitchen, legs, lemonade, lemon, letters-alphabet, light blue, lime, listen music, living-room, lizard, man-woman, mango, mat, meat, midday, midnight, milk, mirror, monkey, monster, morning, motorcycle, mouse, mouth, next to, night, nose, number, on, onion, open, orange, orange juice, painting, park, pc, person-people, pictures, pink, pear, people-person, pineapple, plane, playground, play, potatoe, purple, radio, read, red, ride a horse, ride a bike, robot, roof, ruler, run, seat down-stand up, sheep, shirt, shoes, sing, skirt, smiling, snake, socks, soccer player, sofa, spider, sunrise, sunset, street, sun, table, table tennis, take a picture, teacher, telephone, tell a story, throw, tiger, toys, today-calendar, tennis player, tomato, train, tree, trousers, truck, tv, t-shirt, under, violet, white, walk, wall, water, watermelon, window, wristwatch, write, yellow, young-old, zoo,


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