The Global Classroom

Online laboratories for children and teens from around the world, to become consistently bilingual in English

The in English experience: What is it?

• It’s a 360° process of development towards becoming consistently bilingual in English.

• It takes place in a variety of environments, from offline, online, indoor or outdoor, although the relationship between the teacher and every single learner remains more relevant than the environment itself.

• It prioritises and promotes skills and values such as accuracy in learning, dedication and hard work, fairness, attention to the individual’s pace of learning, the pursuit of personal growth, and the sharing of common knowledge.

• It focuses on the development of qualities such as readiness, and creativity, and emphasises equal training of all four language skills: reading, writing listening and speaking.

In The In English experience the LEARNES:

• are the centre of our attention and source of our passion and inspiration, and both the starting point and final destination of our own personal journey and overall experience.

• are treated in an age-appropriate way but always respected.

• come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, including different nationalities, religions and family make-up, but each and every one of them is treated by the teacher as a unique and valuable human being with their own potential and individual gifts and skills to contribute to the world.

The TEACHERS in the In English experience:

• have all mindfully come to realise that teaching is vocational to them and they are passionate, passing on to their learners their enthusiasm and love for their subject.

• are all citizens of the world who have decided that English is the means to transmit their motivation to others.

come and go freely but make a lasting impression, and leave memories tattooed in the learners’ minds and hearts.

• feel the constant urge to move forward and never stop learning: “a good teacher never stops being a curious student”.

The In English experience ENVIRONMENT:

has no boundaries, no walls and is limitless in the concept of a classroom: the most important asset is the relationship between the teacher and the learners and their personal growth, both as single citizens and social members of a bigger and global community.

The FUTURE of the In English experience:

• The In English experience takes place in a global classroom ready for unforeseen events and complex challenges that require sound judgement, intuition and improvisation.

• This global classroom becomes a space where the nationality of our learners is no barrier to the learning experience and where serious conversations about the environment, the state of the world, social issues, and global awareness are constantly carried out.

• The global classroom plants the seeds of curiosity and interest in every learner, preparing the ground for them to become lifelong learning individuals; a classroom full of innovation, reinvention and debate, where discipline and routine are used positively, and intuition, imagination and empathy are the building blocks of creative play.

The global classroom is a classroom that is intrinsically bilingual and globally conceived.

See you there. See you globally.

Members get access to an online classroom with children from all over the world.