It’s a pilot experience of 4 laboratories in English entitled “A small world”. 

For the learners each laboratory will look like a lesson of English language at A1 level, according to the European framework of language. The teacher will guide the students towards using the language they already have, learn new language and promote global thinking.  What’s the weather like today in….? (Rome, Buenos Aires, Galicia, Porto, Monterrey, etc)

Who can participate in the PILOT EXPERIENCE?

Children ages 9 and 10 (from 1st January 2020 to the 30th March 2021) from around the world who do not attend a Bilingual or International school. These children have lessons of English at their schools or attend a private course, only for a few hours per week.

The pilot classroom will have a maximum of 9 learners.

The classroom cannot have more than 3 learners from the same country. Preferably, the learners should not know each other.

When will the PILOT EXPERIENCE take place?

4 consecutive Fridays in October 2020 from 17.00 to 18.00 (Italian Time Zone). Check for Time zones.

What’s necessary to participate in the PILOT EXPERIENCE?

  • Parents’ written consent for their children to participate in the experience.
  • Internet access to participate in the lessons and a zoom free account to access the classroom.
  • Participation in at least 2 consecutive lessons out of 4.

Steps to participate

  • Parents must send an email in English to inenglishglobalclassroom@gmail.com expressing their interest in the pilot experience with the name, age, date of birth of their child and country of origin.
  • Parents must complete a simplified form and send it by email, together with the written consent before the beginning of the pilot experience.
  • Parents must answer to all emails regarding the organization of the pilot experience expressing “received and clear”.